Life Update: Goals and a Plan to Reach 'Em


17年08月02日 - 11:37 PM EST | OK...  (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) a LOT has happened to me over the past 8 LOT!  Unfortunately some bad, but some good?  The bad isn't entirely important but it was impactful enough that it completely turned my life upside down.  Let's start with family and family members that were not doing all that well.  Couple that with stress with my sweety at home while out with family, leading to a breakup that broke my heart...  A question in my faith and belief in myself and others, followed by an onslaught of financial burdens on top of the chaos of problems with my smartphone.  Tie in work dilemmas and nightmarish feelings of worthlessness on top of an already very fueled depression and TADA!!!  (╯•﹏•╰)  But, ya know what?  It's ok.  It's all OK.  Wanna know why?  (#´ ω ` # )  Because after all of that doom and gloom and what seemed like never-ending nightmarish never-ending torture...I realized something important.  I realized that I could have it far...FAR..far, far worse. situations of despair actually have made me stronger!  So...I absolutely appologize for being MIA, but I also umm...kinda don't?  (・'v`・)??  If you ever find yourself best advice I have found is to find yourself and embrace yourself because there is only ONE you.  I almost lost complete faith in everything and am so greatful that I have amazing friends and supporters that helped me climb back up!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH!  (˵˚ ω ˚˵)


The post wouldn't be entitled: "Goals and a Plan to Reach 'Em" if it didn't encompass a list of goals I am looking to reach and my plan to keep 'em.  So before I get into the "stuffs I wanna goal-ize" let's first set the stage of time appropriately...I am hoping that in 2 weeks from now I have kept these goals and kept to them.  So...lets list 'em out already!

  1. Daily Instagram Updates - In order to progress, I have to at least be where I was previously, and not so long ago (AKA a timeframe long, long ago...  (。≖‿≖ฺ)  ) I was posting new content EVERY DAY...well...I have to be there again!
  2. Weekly Website Updates - At minimum I want to be posting at least once a week.
  3. Finish Cleaning Bedroom - UGH!!!  What's worse than admitting that your bedroom is a wreck?  ADMITTING THAT YOUR BEDROOM IS A WRECK TO EVERYONE ONLINE!!!  (´✪‿✪`) 
  4. Catch Legendary Birdies - I would really hope that I spare the time and get out there and catch the newly released Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos in Pokémon GO
  5. Take the Time to Appreciate - I know this seems ridiculous, but I really think back on this especially after everything that I have been through.  It's going to be a moving target of mine to make sure that I let people know how much they mean and that their actions, however small they may be, mean the WORLD to me.
  6. Java...and NOT the Coffee - I am taking real steps into the wonderful world of Java programming and I hope that I can devote at least a day a week to trying to learn more so that I can start developing Android applications!  ٩꒰ ⑅>∀<⑅ ꒱۶

It's not that impossible right?  I mean...right?  Along with this I still have life and work ya know, LOL XD  If I should manage to keep this up though and succeed in my goals, I'll post a giveaway on Instagram!  I love giveaways because they're so much fun and I get to interact with all of you internet-people!

In order to keep these things...I am making a list and mindfully going to be keeping track of these items and dutifully holding myself to them!  UGH!  >_<#  I REALLY hope I can keep to 'em.  How do you guys keep to goals you set?  Are there any pointers you guys have for me?  I just want normalcy to return to my life, and sometimes when the "normal" doesn't return to you, you have to be dutiful about making it return to you!  LOL!  Here's hoping I can get back to "normality"!  WOOOO!




PS - Lazy sucks.  Just...don't do Nike that crap! XD