Welcome back to ピカ.net !!!  So much existing stuff is happening! (“⌒∇⌒”) I have a FEW posts that I am working on getting up and out to you guys this week! Its been FAR TOO LONG…UGH…I am SO, SO SORRY!!! (╯︵╰,) Of the posts I’m working on, there’s one I’m particularly proud of and offers a Pokémon Giveaway that will also help to raise money to aid Puerto Rico continue their efforts in cleaning up after the devastation of Hurricane Maria last year! Did you know that Puerto Rico has exactly 0 GameStop or EBGames locations?! Oh, and for those who need to re-read that…that was zero, zippo, nadda, none, zilch! So…if you are from Puerto Rico and are reading this, like Pokémon, and play the video game series…you are gonna wanna check that post out!

Oh…and one last thing… ∑(O_O;) …I was thinking of putting up a page on my website that gives shoutouts and links to other awesome content creators out there that span various mediums and content…what do you think? Maybe? Let me know over in Instagram-land as that’s where I have been spending LOTS of my time (*^^*)

I hope you all have an absolutely TERRIFIC week, and as always…