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How Long Has It Been Again?!

16年12月25日  HIIIIIIIIII!!!!  *giant hugs*  Σ(O_Oil!)  Oh my goodness, look at you!  I look great!  *smiling and nodding*  REALLY!  YOU DO!  Has it really been THAT long?!  Σ(゚д゚;)  Wow...I mean, I suppose it has been...but it feels like just yesterday it was summer. probably FEELS like forever cause HAS been, like...well...a very..umm..very long time?  (#/。\#)  *nervousness*  I’m gonna try hard not to do that know, this...*points fingers back and forth between you and I*..the posting...thing...yea...*awkwardly stretches without keeping eye contact due to embarrassment*  BUT HEY!!  At least I can finally say I figured out how to reappear after performing the Pika disappearing vanish trick  ^__^;;  hehe  *nervous laughter*  *swallows hard while looking away*  ANYWAYS!!!  We aren’t here to talk about me!!  >_<#

It's that FANTASTIC TIME OF YEAR again!  Ahhh...good ‘ol Christmas and Hanukkah are finally here and this WONDERFUL season of giving!  *smiles*  After all, ’tis the season to be merry, joyful and umm...broke?  ʅ(‾◡◝)ʃ  Well, what if I said that those monies you just received from grandma and long lost Uncle Robert could help you buy a gift card for something YOU ACTUALLY want and you could pay less while doing it?  Hmmmm?  Intrigued?!  LOL

Well, after our robbery (car was broken into and presents, computers and stuff was stolen) it left Pika and I very upset...and honestly...wishing Christmas and Hanukkah would just come and go already...yeah...we were pretty down and super bummed!  But...then I stumbled across this awesome website known as Raise and things started looking better already!

Raise is a website that offers discounts on gift cards that you would purchase at familiar name brand stores such as Best Buy, Apple, Sephora, Target, Walmart or GameStop to name a few!  Its super easy to use, but heres the best referring you LUCKY internet-readers to Raise you ALL get $5.00 USD towards your first giftcard purchase!

Everyone Deserves a Raise!

So how do you sign up?  Or maybe you feel like it sounds AMAZING but you don't know how to sign up?  Or maybe...just think this is all a scam or too much work?  Dont-chu worry dearies, I GOT YOU COVERED!!  ヾ(*>▽<*)ノシ  All you need to do, is follow along with the following screenshot-steps, cause I decided to screenshot the whole process to help anyone maybe...not so tech savvy?  Yeah...we’ve all been the culprit of sounds cool but probably requires you to be a super computer-gizmo-gadget-wizard to figure it out, right?  I hear these AMAZING things and it processes in our minds, like... ‘just click this giant button and PRESTO-BANG-WAMO-PIZZAZO, its all FREE and rainbows will come shooting from every direction and the WORLD...WILL..BE...AMAZING!’  o(〃^▽^〃)o  Then if you're like me, its suuuuuper comical because when you go to ‘click’ on this said 'button', a box pops up saying WE CAN FIX YOUR CREDIT... and your just like  -_- about no?  *clicks the window away*  So, FINALLY when thats out of the way, its clear sailing to click that are SOOOO close and then...  *POP*  Look at these fancy products like facial scrub or THE LIMITED EDITION SUPER WOWO Video Game System 20,000!!”  And before you know realize you haven't even clicked on that said button!!!  But it's then that it hits you...what if this all was...OMG...IT'S A TRAP!  (|||O⌓O;)  *Star Wars reference*  OMG lol...anyways...I can assure you Raise is NOTHING like that!  Simply put, Raise is an app that can be used on ANY modern Android or Apple iOS device (this includes iPhones and iPads) and the off chance event that the app doesn't work, there's always the Raise website which is JUST...AS...FLIPPING...EASY to use!  Anyways, lets dive into seeing what this thing is all about and getting YOU your $5.00 for FREE to use in Raise!  It is Christmas and Hanukkah after all!  ヾ(≧▽≦)ノギャハハ☆

NOTE:  The following screenshots and descriptions apply to the Android version of Raise as it is what I have running on my phone, but if any of you should need direction for Apple just leave a comment on this article and I would be SO HAPPY to add directions for Apple!

How To Use Raise

1.  First you must DOWNLOAD the application from the respective links below:



2.  After you have downloaded the application click on the following image to ENTER THE CODE: PTAKAHASH TO RECEIVE $5.00 USD FOR FREE to use with Raise!


3.  Click on CLAIM to claim your $5.00 USD offer

16.12.25 - Click Claim

4.  Enter LOGIN INFORMATION that will be used to log you into Raise.  Please note that none of the data entered in this application is collected by ピカ.net or any of our affiliates.

16.12.25 - Login Information

5.  You will asked to ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER so that Raise can send you a confirmation code to VALIDATE that it is a human asking to create this account.

16.12.25 - Phone Number Verify

6.  Read through and click on AGREE & CONTINUE to continue setup of your new Raise account.

16.12.25 - Terms

7.  You will need to VERIFY YOUR EMAIL account with Raise by clicking on a link they send to you before using Raise.

8.  CONGRATULATIONS you have setup the basics of your new Raise account!

16.12.25 - Ready For Use

9.  Using Raise is a breeze!  Check out this video I put together to showcase how easy it is to search for and purchase a gift card using Raise!


I am SO EXCITED about this app!!  Not only will it save me SO MUCH money, but I actually wanna calculate how much money it saves me after each month!  I THINK THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!  ヾ(≧▽≦)ノギャハハ☆  In fact...I am SO excited about this app, that I think I am gonna run a giveaway for 2 giftcards on Instagram!  So be sure to check that out and we shall see you sooooon!  *waves happily*

Cost-consciously yours,