EVENT: September 2017 Apple Event

Special Event at Apple | September 12

17年09月14日 - 10:31 PM EST | Tuesday, September 12, 2017 started like no other day here in good 'ol NYC.  I got up...grabbed my coffee...went to work...but then I remembered something...  *snaps fingers*  Thats right!  It's "iPhone Announcement Day"!  Ive been pretty tired as of late because I have been doing A LOT to improve this website and content delivery schedule  *grabs @IslandArcade and hugs the life out of him*  all in thanks to a friendly guy over at Island Arcade named Tyler who advised me to work on a delivery schedule of sorts!  YOUR THE BESTEST!  But sometimes...when events like this arise...timing is SO INCREDIBLY important for delivery.  Ya know...like the DAY of pre-orders for the new Apple iPhone 8 but...I'm getting ahead of myself already...  LOL  

This Apple Event taking place on the Apple campus in Cupertino, CA in the all new Steve Jobs Theater was set to take place at 10:00 AM PST or 1:00 PM EST.  I decided to do a live-tweet of the event and for those of you who don't have Twitter, or find Twitter a complicated place to navigate  *raises hand while looking around as others seemingly seem comfortable with the Twitter landscape*  I decided to post my updates in chronological order proceeding the actual event video which can be found below: 

Watch the Apple Special Event

Watch the latest Apple keynote and learn about a new generation of iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Concluding Thought-Particles

Wow...what an event huh?  ヾ(*>▽<*)ノシ  I have NEVER seen something scream so terribly loud...WE'RE TRYING...REALLY!!!  XD  An advancement of their wearable technology, the Apple Watch, to include cellular feels like watching the Samsung Gear S2 announcement from over 2 years ago.  The "all glass design" feels like an announcement of the Apple iPhone 4 all over again.  The talk of Augmented Reality and how devices will take advantage of it feels like watching Microsoft's announcement of HoloLens from E3 2015.  Let's not forget the talk of HDR and how it will...errr...no...I think the word is has changed technology from talks I heard back in January of this year at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Or my personal fave...  *clears throat*  ...NOW INTRODUCING WIRELESS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY CREATED BY YOUR RIVAL SAMSUNG FROM, COUNT IT,...NOT 1...NOT 2...OH, YES...NOT EVEN 3...BUT COUNT IT...6 YEARS AGO!  Yes my dear reader...Samsung first introduced a commercialized wireless charging technology back in 2011...but somehow Apple wants us to feel...umm...excited for its "new" AirPower?  Is excited even the right word?  How can you be "excited" when...hey...NEWS FLASH...SAMSUNG HAS LEGIT BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS!!!  And if I wanted to double down on how incredibly arrogant Apple is being in hoping people are incredibly BLIND to the wireless charging movement as of late, I need only point out Starbucks.  Yes...Starbucks.  As a movement started at least 2 years ago, Starbucks has been tearing apart their Coffee Bar arenas in favor of these small-round-electronic-built-in-wireless-charging thingies, that oh yeah...don't work with Apple...well...at least until now...or...rather...September 22...and that is...umm...of course....in an ironic twist, if you have invested in the all new Apple iPhone 7S...err...iPhone 8...or umm...iPhone....X?  Yeah...so um...it gets confusing...maybe Apple is testing a time machine and we just don't know it yet?  Seems like the only probable reason for this otherwise snore-worthy event.  BUUUUUUTTTTTT...I am NOT a Debbie-Downer...and I refuse to leave on such a bitter note...so...lets take a moment to praise Apple for finally catching up and not being a yesterdays-2011-tech in a 2017 world  ʅ(‾◡◝)ʃ  *smiles and laughs happily*  What's a better way to describe my feelings on all this?  Hmmmm  *thinks*  How about a video?!  Yeah!  A video should do the trick!  o(〃^▽^〃)o  PARENTAL WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS TWO FOUL WORDS, SO I ADVISE SKIPPING 1:08 - 1:18  Despite the language used, this video PERFECTLY describes how I felt as the Apple iPhone X was being introduced...

In all seriousness...I do have to say that I absolutely LOVE that their newest phones are so eco-friendly and the design of the Apple Park where trees and nature meet the corporate office arena seems so surreal and yet really, really cool!  I probably have to say that the highlight for me was seeing the seamless environment integration of office and nature...way to go Apple.  Not mentioned at the closing...but...if I were Steve Jobs...I think the Apple Park initiative was the coolest thing ever, and truly didn't get enough attention, as to me...it was FAR more entertaining and interesting than the tech presented.

Opened for the first time on   Tuesday ,  September 12 ,  2017 , the  Steve Jobs Theater  welcomed a crowd for the unveiling of many new  Apple  products including:  Apple Watch  Series 3,  Apple TV 4K ,  Apple iPhone 8  /  8+ , as well as the highly hyped  Apple iPhone X .

Opened for the first time on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, the Steve Jobs Theater welcomed a crowd for the unveiling of many new Apple products including: Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4KApple iPhone 8 8+, as well as the highly hyped Apple iPhone X.

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