HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!!!  Guess who's FINALLY back?!  ✧◝( ◠‿◠ )◜✧˖°  LOL Well, while everyone today is enjoying Christmas and Hanukkah...I decided to give ピカ.net a much needed update!  What do you think?!

But anyways...are the holidays leaving you feeling like your penniless and broke?  º·(இωஇ)‧º·˚.  Yeah…I get that feeling…that's why I started digging into ways to save money and found Raise!  Ever hear of Raise?  Wanna save some money on gift cards to major brands you buy from like Walmart, Target, Sephora, Apple, Google or Burger King to name a few?  Well...I have an AWESOME post about that and $5.00 USD for FREE to start you on your path to saving a ton!  ♪☆*:.。.(≧∇≦)♪ .。.:*☆